Lobster And Conch

Lobster and Conch Fishing in St. Croix

Lobster and conch fishing are significant aspects of the fishing industry in St. Croix, a U.S. Virgin Island known for its rich marine biodiversity.

Lobster Fishing

Lobster fishing involves catching lobsters from their natural habitat in the ocean. The spiny lobster is a common target in the waters around St. Croix.

We’ll typically use lobster traps, also known as lobster pots, which are baited cages placed on the ocean floor to attract and capture lobsters. Once caught, lobsters can be served for a fine dinner at your condo, sold to local restaurants or other markets, or exported back to your hometown for a local feast.

Conch Fishing

Conch are large sea snails prized for their meat, which is a popular ingredient in Caribbean cuisine. Conch fishing involves harvesting these mollusks from the ocean floor.
In St. Croix, conch fishing is regulated to ensure sustainable harvesting practices and protect conch populations from overfishing. Regulations may include size limits, catch quotas, and seasonal closures to allow conch populations to replenish.

Both lobster and conch fishing contribute to the local economy in St. Croix and are important cultural traditions in the Caribbean region. However, sustainable fishing practices are essential to preserve these marine resources for future generations and you are in good hands with Lioness Sport Fishing.